Discover the potential of thermoplastic composites!

Again the EATC and the AVK organize a seminar especially on thermoplastic composites.

It will take place at Byk Chemie GmbH in Wesel. The event starts on May the 24th at 12.00 h and ends at the 25th at about 13.00h.

Our new seminar brings together a unique collection of topics and speakers and provides a practically-oriented, in-depth overview of applications using thermoplastic – in particular long fibre reinforced – composites.

For more information, please visit the AVK-Website

New Seminar – Discover the potential of thermoplastic composites!

With more than 20 member companies the EATC bundles an enourmous amount of knowledge concerning thermoplastic composite systems. Together with the AVK several experts from EATC have renewed the former EATC-seminar which shows applications, trends, possibilities and advantages of this special composites group.

At the 21st of April, 2016 the seminar took place the first time at BYK-Chemie in Wesel. More than 25 participants and experts made this first event a complete success. We are looking forward for the next seminar and want to thank all supporters!

EATC Seminar 4

Thermoplastic composites production by room-temperature vacuum Infusion (Article in JEC Composites Magazine)

A new thermoplastic resin developed by the EATC-Member Arkema (Elium®) makes it possible to mould large parts with thermoset-like processes. Its low viscosity at 20°C allows fast and complete infusion without heating. The article describes how The CANOE technical platform recently produced the largest thermoplastic composite boat ever manufactured by vacuum-assisted resin infusion at room temperature – The complete hull infusion took 35 minutes for 45 kg of resin.


EATC – Expert Task Force visiting ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH

After visiting the Johns Manville plant in February 2014, the EATC group was now invited to visit the ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH in Bensheim (Germany) for their first meeting in 2016.

On Tuesday the 19th of January 2016 several members of the EATC took the chance not only to discuss technical issues in a regular meeting, but also to visit ProTecs facility and getting an impression of their daily business.

Special thanks go to ProTec for their kindness and hospitality!


Fraunhofer ICT – Optimal mit Endlosfasern verstärken

Thermoplastische Faserverbunde erlauben es, durch ihre flexiblen und vielfältigen Herstellungsverfahren Bauteile nach dem Vorbild der Natur zu entwickeln. So können beispielsweise in Verbindung mit dem Spritzgießprozess Faserverstärkungen auf Bauteilbereiche reduziert werden, in denen die höchsten Belastungen auftreten.

Das Fraunhofer ICT beFraunhoferfasst sich aktuelle mit entsprechenden Optimierungspotentialen und hat zur FAKUMA eine aktuelle Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht.

Einige Medien (wie beispielsweise die K-Zeitung oder das CCeV-Magazin) haben das Thema in ihren Veröffentlichungen berücksichtigt.

Die genannte Pressemeldungen und die Artikel finde Sie hier.

ProTec – A new member in our group!

After ARKEMA has already become member in 2015, we are very happy to welcome the ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH as our newest member in the EATC.







The ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH bundels the world renowned brands SOMOS® und OHL: Machines and entire system solutions for the efficient material handling for all plastic treatment processes offered today as well as machines for the material treatment. For more information please visit the ProTec website.


New nember of EATC

We are very proud to welcome a new member to our alliance.

BYK-Chemie GmbH (a member of ALTANA Group) has decided to join our special network for thermoplastic composites.

For more information about BYK-Chemie please visit 

Borealis & Borouge: neue Fibremod™-Produktfamilie

Borealis ist ein führender Anbieter innovativer Lösungen in den Bereichen Polyolefine, Basischemikalien und Pflanzennährstoffe. Für Engineering-Anwendungen in der Automobilindustrie bieten Borealis und Borouge eine breite Palette innovativer Kunststoff-Produkte und Dienstleistungen, die einen echten Zusatznutzen für seine Kunden und Partner auf der ganzen Welt schaffen.

Im Rahmen der „Driving Tomorrow“-Initiative informiert Borealis über Fibremod™– eine neue Produktfamilie innovativer, faserbasiserter Polypropylen (PP) -Werkstoffe für die Automobil- und Appliance-Industrien.

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