About EATC

The European Alliance for Thermoplastic Composites (EATC)

was formed in 2000 by leading European companies, with a concerted commitment to the technological advancement of longfiber reinforced thermoplastics over the complete product chain:

  • System Suppliers
  • Moulders / parts producers
  • Producers of Semifinished Products
  • Rawmaterial Suppliers
  • Institutes

All those involved in longfiber or endlessfiber thermoplastic composites decided to cooperate closely with the objective to increase the quantity of applications and to speed up new developments.

The members of the European Alliance for Thermoplastic Composites (EATC) serves the industrie with innovative and economic components and systems, realized with long fiber reinforced thermoplastics.

You are very welcome to join the EATC to give your input, contribute to our work and share our experience in the field of Thermoplastic Composites anytime!

The EATC is an expert task force of the AVK (Federation of Reinforced Plastics).

The Steering Committee