The Vision of the EATC is to further utilise the huge still unused potential of Thermoplastic Composites to the maximum benefit of the industry, customers and environment.

The EATC has defined central targets and works on following tasks to realise this vision:

  • Increase the understanding and the acceptance of long fiber reinforced thermoplastics and advise the advantages in comparison with competing materials.
  • Establish thermoplastic composites as the up-and-coming group of composite materials and broaden the market for their application.
  • Create an application data base with all Thermoplastic Composite applications.
  • Assist designers and manufacturers in the application of long fiber reinforced thermoplastics by supplying supply Design guidelines of material data and Material classification.
  • Increase the awareness of the excellent environmental and recycling properties of thermoplastic composites.
  • Increase the technical competence in the field of thermoplastic composites in Europe through technical working groups, workshops, seminars, information brochures, press releases and other educational materials.
  • Periodical Conferences and customer seminars to present latest innovations within the supply chain.

You are very welcome to join the EATC to give your input, contribute to our work and share our experience in the field of Thermoplastic Composites anytime!

The Steering Committee